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About US

Hawai’i Health Travel is dedicated to ensuring all residents and visitors to the Hawaiian Islands travel as safely as possible for health and well-being–especially during these turbulent times when all the world needs some Aloha.

As such, this website provides exceptional connections and coverage of the health, medical, sports, traditional healing, and wellness offerings available in the Hawaiian Islands that feature the finest and most up to date safety standards for COVID-19.

We were originally founded in 2019 by healthcare professionals and scientists. We have coordinated with key stakeholders from the Hawai’i healthcare sector to launch this online platform and concierge service. 

From traditional Hawaiian Kapuna healers to the clinical members of the Hawai’i Medical Association, we are bringing the best practices in health and wellness that Hawai’i has to offer to the world. 

The Hawaiian Islands have a unique spirit of Aloha healing and care, and it is our commitment to make sure they are celebrated with direct connections to the most equipped and ethical individuals and institutions.

Our goal is to help support the sustainable growth of Advanced Healthcare, Clinical Facilities, Regenerative Medicine, Traditional Hawaiian Health, and Native Wellness practices for the benefit of locals and visitors alike. 

We are critical partners and supporters of the Health Span Hawai‘i Summit, Regenerative Medicine Association of Hawai‘i, the educational Hawai‘i Bioskills group, and the whole-body donation non-profit Ke Ola ‘Uhane.

We are based in Hawai’i, and by channeling the spirit of Aloha alongside access to preventive medicine and exercise in the unparalleled beauty and health of our island home, we know that Hawai’i’s future as a healthcare and wellness hub for the entire Pacific Basin is within reach. 

Mahalo Nui for your attention!

— The Hawai’i Health Travel Team


Image: Courtesy Hawai’i Tourism Authority