Couples Health Holidays on Norwegian Cruises

By Hawai’i Health Travel Staff // Images Courtesy Norwegian Cruise Lines

Getting fit with your spouse, lover, or significant other is an excellent way to build up both your relationships and bodies.

This is sometimes easier said than done.

Which is why taking a cruise can help inspire the process—such as Norwegian Cruise Lines extremely popular 7-days cruises across Hawai‘i.  

Their Pride of America vessel anchored in Honolulu features seven-day trips that can fully expose passengers to the finest health, wellness and natural offerings across the Hawaiian archipelago.

Their special cruises offers overnight stays on Maui and Kauai with visits on the Big Island of Hawai’i and Oahu.

From paddle-boarding to surfing, there’s excellent chances for you and your love to get your cardio-vascular exercise in, while making sure your arms and legs are also worked up. The same goes for local hikes in lush jungles, gardens and mountains, and jogs across white, green and black sand beaches. Breaching volcano peaks to diving into the deep are certain to make lasting memories while increasing physical and mental health for both of you—and dare we say inspire your libido too…. 

Hawai‘i is honeycombed with unique boutique spas and wellness clinics that offer natural remedies and herbs for post-work outs plus Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massages and yoga. So, too, does the Pride of America with top-notch masseuses and physical therapists aboard ship.

Trips pull anchor in Honolulu every Saturday at 7:00 pm and depart for Kahlului, Maui, arriving at 8am Sunday morning. On Maui, guests have 32-hours to revel in wellness and enchantment (from the peaks of Haleakalā volcano to snorkeled reefs of Molokini crater) before catching a boat back to the ship prior to 4:00 PM on Monday—as the Pride of America sails that night at 6:00 PM sharp. Tuesday and Wednesday are divided over two ports on the Big Island of Hawai’i, Hilo then Kona—from the coastal rainforests of the east coast Tuesday to the drylands of the west coast Wednesday. 

From Wednesday night, the ship sails to the far northwest of the archipelago to Nāwiliwili, Kaua`i. For all day Thursday until noon the next day, guests can trek, kayak, and meditate from stunning cliffs of the “Grand Canyon of Hawaii” to one of the wettest places on earth in the Alakai Swamp atop Mount Waiʻaleʻale. The fresh air alone makes this a special oxygen holiday in and of itself.

Friday presents an inspirational afternoon cruise off the Napali Coast, then overnight back to Honolulu the following morning for a 7:00 AM disembarkation.

In sum, there’s nothing quite like a proper week of cruising and exercise to put you and your partner into a better state of wellness and health—with ample Aloha no less.  

For more information or to make reservations for the Pride of America 7-Day Hawai’i Cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines visit or feel free to email Hawaii Health Travel at for our local travel booking contacts.