Hawai‘i launches mandatory “Safe Travel” app

By Hawai’i Health Travel Staff // Image: Hawai’i Tourism Authority

Hawai‘i has a new mandatory online “Safe Travels” digital app for all travelers. 

Aimed at ensuring the safest travel possible for guests and the protection of locals, the new digital application, which collects the required health and travel information, “is critical to protecting the health of our residents and visitors alike,” according to a statement from the State of Hawai‘i. 

It further states, “Safe Travels is one part of a multi-layered screening process which includes arrival temperature checks, and secondary screening for those with symptoms or temperatures of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.”

The app effectively “digitizes and simplifies the current paper-based process. Currently, there are two different types of forms – one each for inter-island and transpacific – for travel to and within Hawai’i. This platform provides a one stop shop for both type of travelers.”

Key features include:

  • The ability to login using Email, Google or Facebook logins.
  • A highly secured platform built on Google cloud.
  • The verification of passenger contact information before arrival to       speed up their processing at the airport.
  • Collection of health and contact information needed for arrival screening and public health monitoring.
  • Creation of a QR code which airport screeners scan to review the traveler’s information for clearance or secondary screening.
  • Automated generation of quarantine check-in reminders as emails and text messages.

Once a visitor enters their health information 24 hours before departure, travelers will receive a QR code via email. Following that, the QR code on their mobile device or printed on paper will get scanned by the airport screener upon arrival.  

It will be, “used by the State Department of Health (DOH) to access mandatory health information that passengers need to provide to monitor and protect public health in real-time. It can also be used by the Dept. of the Attorney General and county law enforcement officials to enforce the quarantine rules.”

The application can be found at: https://travel.hawaii.gov